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Together we can Stop Diabetes!

Eyes, kidneys, toes... check!

I ride because I can.

Diagnosed at the ripe old age of 9, now more than 2 decades later I'm happy to report that I can still see and have feeling in all 10 toes! While eyes and toes are good to have though, there's still a daily struggle to balance food, exercise and medication to stay not just alive with toes, but alive with a side of happy and healthy! 

Diabetes- all types- is affecting more and more people each year. There still isn't a cure, and although certain types can sometimes be put into "remission" with a controlled diet and exercise, that doesn't actually CURE the disease. There's tons of research going on to help try to find causes and cures, but we're not there yet, and although they say a cure is another "5-10 years out", they've been saying that for, well, at least 23 years that I know of! That means those of us who are already diagnosed- along with the millions more that will be diagnosed between now and "then"- need to find ways to live happily and healthily with our defunct endocrine systems. 

Thats where the American Diabetes Association comes in.

I've been lucky enough to be involved with our local branch of the ADA for almost 10 years now, and in many different positions. The ADA has helped me with a huge range of things- everything from helping me find affordable insulin when I didn't have insurance and fighting descrimination when I got laid off because of my diabetes,  to less serious things like helping me get the most up-to-date info for a research paper and meeting new friends via local support groups. ADA has helped make my life with diabetes a little less trying, and this is my chance to give back.

This ride also gives me an opportunity to support others with diabetes as well as to help give back the ADA so they can continue to help the millions of us with diabetes. Please help me help others by making a donation today, and know that your support helps 26 million of us live a little easier.


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