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Cycling Fusion

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Team Cycling Fusion

Cycling Fusion has a reputation for helping beginners and intermediates move from “exercising” on the bike to “training” for bike events or competition. Our programs are designed to be conducted indoors via either live web-casts, or on-demand videos of cycling instructors and coaches leading and teaching bicyclists how to train. Both commercial facilities and single individuals may access their content, whether in a room full of riders on stationary “spin bikes” or in an individual’s basement on a bike with a trainer.

Cycling Fusion has joined the Tour de Cure as a Multi-Site team in 2016. As a part of our Multi-site team effort we will offer Winter Training and also host several Virtual Charity Rides with the Tour De Cure.  Our Winter Training is what gets you ready, and if you don’t ride outside, our Virtual Charity Ride is how you can participate with the outdoor riders, on the day of the event, without ever leaving your indoor studio.


Winter Training Education (30 Min)

The rider starts each session with 30 minutes of training education delivered by a nationally recognized coach or expert in exercise science.

Winter Training On-Bike Rides (60-120 Min)

At the beginning of the program, riders start with an hour of coached training on the bike and slowly increase their training time to 2 hours over the 12-week period. Rides vary from structured indoor sessions to virtual training rides on roads from around the world.

How do we help the ADA?

For each paid Winter Training Participant Cycling Fusion will donate $50 to that individual’s Tour de Cure fund raising account. This donation is made for those that ride at a club or studio and for those that ride at home.

Thank you for joining the Cycling Fusion team and riding (either indoors or out) in the TDC. It was so awesome seeing old friends and making new ones last year with our record breaking team of 47 riders in the Pittsburgh Tour! Both Joey and I look forward to seeing you at your site in 2016.

This is exactly why we founded this business in the first place to share our passion for cycling, and to give back to a cause that affects almost every one of us in some way; direct, indirect, via family and/or friends.  Come join us and make a difference doing what you love to do.


Cycling Fusion customers and  employees are encouraged to join an existing team, or form a team and be a Team Captain! In addition, employee friends and family members of all ages can join an existing team and also help raise funds for ADA’s many programs and benefits for diabetes patients and their families.

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Rider and Team Resources:

Questions? Please contact Joey Stabile at

Amount Raised:$653.00
Number of Gifts:7
Total Recruited:18
Top 10 Events
Event Name Gift Amount Members Recruited
2016 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure



2016 Louisiana Tour de Cure



2016 East TN Tour de Cure



2016 Washington, DC Tour de Cure + Step Out Walk



Top 10 Teams
Team Name Event Name Gift Amount Members Recruited
Cycling Fusion - Virtual Charity Ride 2016 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure



Top 10 Participants
Participant Name Event Name Gift Amount
Brendan McLaughlin 2016 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure


Coach Gino Nacey 2016 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure


Andrew Booth 2016 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure


Joe Stabile 2016 Princeton Tour de Cure + Step Out Walk


Joe Stabile 2016 Buffalo Niagara Tour de Cure


Joe Stabile 2016 Northeast Ohio Tour de Cure


Joe Stabile 2016 Chesapeake Bay Tour de Cure


Joe Stabile 2016 Greater Maryland Tour de Cure


Zack Hawthorne 2016 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure


Joe Stabile 2016 Chicagoland Tour de Cure


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100+ percent of goal achieved.

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